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Bo Obama, presidential pooch!

By now everyone has heard of Bo the first family’s new pet Portuguese water dog. Now this we don’t want everyone to run out and buy a presidential pooch and then regret it the second it starts eating your tomatoes. If however, you want to contribute a little something to this historic occasion here a two links that will help.

Obama’s NCAA Picks

President Obama has declared that his number one NCAA pick is North Carolina’s Tarheels. In contrast Obama thinks the California Golden Bears will lose it all. Even though everyone’s prediction that the economy will sour even more, Obama is hopeful that Ty Lawson’s will recover from his toe injury and Pittsburgh will beat Duke in the regional final via Pitsburgh’s star DeJuan Blair. Catch more of Obama and his predictions on The Tonight Show this evening when Jay Leno interviews Obama. To see Obama’s full bracket check out ESPN.com

If you happen to travel as much as the president maybe you should get a DirectTV hookup in your plane like the prez, allowing you to watch the games even while flying. If you don’t have a private jet you can still hook up your living room with similar technology by purchasing a DirectTV receiver with HD and DVR.

Barack Obama’s Favorite Movie

When you are the president you can’t limit yourself to one favorite movie. For political purposes you need to pick a movie that shows you identify with older voters like McCain and another that shows you are edgy, in order to draw the younger Hollywood crowd that helped promote brand Obama so well. So it’s no surprise that Obama’s favorite movies happen to be the 1943 film, Casablanca, and the 1975 film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. How can you go wrong with Humphrey Bogart and Jack Nicholson?

What Does Barack Obama Read?

You may have read Obama’s best selling book, Dreams Of My Father, but if you want to read what Obama himself reads then check out Herman Melville’s novel, Moby Dick. You can purchase both the softcover edition and Kindle ready copy from Amazon. If you would rather read up on the 44th prez then grab a copy of his latest work, The Audacity of Hope. Though, if non-fiction is what you want why not try reading about Abraham Lincoln. Obama was forthcoming about reading Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer just as he took office.

What Car Does Barack Obama Drive?

Obama's Hybrid
Obama’s Hybrid

Before Obama was elected 44th president of the United States, he drove a Ford Escape Hybrid.  Not as flashy as some of Obama’s possessions, but great for his image as an environmentally friendly candidate. If you buy this SUV you too are not only going green, but just like Barack you will also be fiscally responsible.  Customers eager to purchase America’s most fuel-efficient midsize sedan, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, can take advantage of a $3,400 tax credit from the federal government. You will need it because this car’s msrp is $29,645. So even if you can’t cut your spending during the recession you can rest assured you will be helping the environment and your tax returns.  (more…)

Obama’s Brand

Barack Obama captured America’s attention with what was called the Obama brand. His brand consists of a vision for the United States future. Obama has used the media to market his image to the American people and the world. Now Obama’s Brands brings you the products behind his image. From his suits to his cigarretes, Obama’s Brand covers all the details that make up Obama’s personal style.